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Your safety is a top priority

Don’t trust just anyone to repair your damaged car. Ensure your car is being restored to the same safety specifications as when it was originally built.

You can be sure that Stephen’s Body Shop always uses the highest quality parts that pass all factory standards.
Your car will meet all current safety standards upon repair because our technicians are continually trained on every new aspect of body work within the industry.

Your wrecked car can look and run like new

When you have a collision, the shape of your car becomes distorted. Our experts will take the car completely apart to be sure your chassis are restored to original specifications allowing your car to run like new again.
Rusted, dented, scratched or broken parts are also repaired or replaced to bring your car back to like new condition.

What we offer:

  • Free Estimates
  • Free off Premise Estimates-Local
  • Free Local Towing for Collision Repairs performed at our Shop
  • Discounts-Fleet-Seniors-Non-Insurance Claims
  • Warranty on Repairs
  • Fast Scheduling, Quick Turn-A-Round

We can and do use After Market Parts for older Vehicles. Very cost effective if you want to retain vehicle and it’s coming out of your pocket.
Same owner, same location for 40 years. I answer my own phone.
Attention to detail. We will give you the most bang for your buck.

What we do that they don’t:

We manicure ALL refinish work. This means we color sand, wheel and polish every refinished panel. This operation is labor intensive. We do not charge for this service nor is it paid by ANY insurance company. There is a difference in the finished product we’d be happy to show you.
Indiana has an active Anti-Steering Law. This means an insurance company may not tell you where to take your vehicle. It is your vehicle, your choice. Exercise your rights.
We are not on any insurance companies “Preferred List”. We work for you – the client -exclusively.

If your vehicle is 5 years old or newer and you are an insured, not a claimant, you are entitled to OEM parts if you desire. An insured is your company, a claimant is someone else’s company that hit you.

Assuring your auto investment is protected

Don’t let a collision force you into purchasing a new car. Call on the experts at Stephen’s Body Shop to get your car looking and running like new again.
From scratches and dents to total collision repair, we’ll provide you with the reliable services you’re looking for.

Buy and sell cars and airplanes with confidence

You can trust the experts at Stephen’s Body Shop for honest, straight forward advice.
You will be treated with respect and top-notch customer service through the entire buying and selling process.

Quality service and results you can count on

Turn buying and selling into a hassle-free experience.

Check the status of your vehicle repair 24/7! Put our 40 years of experience and quality service to work for you when you need help.

Scratches & dents
Insurance work
Total collision repair
Used cars
Aviation sales

Business Hours
Mon – Fri: 7:30am – 5:30pm
Sat: 9:00am – 3:00pm